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Congratulations to Joseph Goodrich and all the WERA Rider School students that completed their course this weekend at Roebling Road!!! 

If you didn’t go pick up your diploma, you missed out on a great opportunity to save some money. Each diploma came with a $50 gift certificate. This is good towards the purchase of a set of tires through Stickboy Racing.   

WERA and AHRMA will be giving these out to their students effectively immediately. 


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Power Slick EVO
120/70 Pwr Slick EVO $185
190/55 Pwr Slick EVO $235
200/55 Pwr Slick EVO $245
Power Cup EVO
120/70 PWR Cup EVO $165
180/55 PWR Cup EVO $215
190/55 PWR Cup EVO $225
200/55 PWR Cup EVO $230
Super Sport EVO
120/70-17 $160
180/55-17 $210
190/55-17 $220
200/55-17 $230
Rain Tires
12/60-17 $190

18/67-17 $260