You might not have heard, but Bridgestone came out with some new rain tires not so long ago...and they ROCK! Every race weekend we sell rains to riders who otherwise are riding on other companies' tires...really! They are that good.

The chart below shows the sizes that we have in race rain tires. Not everybody has experience with rains, so if you have any questions at all, please send me a message and ask away! Or, if you're ready to order, either way... just CLICK HERE and send us a message.

Size/Description Allowable Rim Width
Racer Price
125 Bikes Fronts    
90/580R17 YEK 2.15 (2.25) 2.50 $126
125 Bikes Rears    
120/595R17 YEK   $159
250 & UP Fronts    
120/600R17 YEK-AA (3.50) 3.75 $159
250 Bikes Rear    
155/620R17 YEK 4 (4.25) 4.50 $198
165/620R17 YEK 5.00 (5.25) 5.50 $198
150/635R18 YEK 4.00 (4.50) 4.75 $198
600 & UP Rear    
180/640R17 YEK (6.00) 6.25 $212


1. The tires we sell are Bridgestone racing tires. They are not intended for street use. If you are not going to use these tires on a race track, do not buy them. This includes the DOT-approved models (except the new BT002 RS tire).

2. If the tires you are buying are described as 'rain tires' they are NOT for use in dry conditions. Race rains are extremely soft, and will overheat, lose traction, and wear out in short order on dry pavement. DO NOT use them in dry conditions, ever.